Attendance, Grades, Exams & Etiquette

Waldrip Center for Therapeutic Massage , Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy


1. WCTM students must maintain a 70% average in all areas of study to complete the program.

2. Progress reports will be given at the completion of 350 hours of the 700 hour program.

3. Because cohort groups begin and finish together with our program no student will be allowed to take longer than 1 year to complete the course. Upon student failing to meet the SAP, the course will be remediated by an instructor licensed in the failed subject area. The student will be expected to pay this instructor at the rate of $20.00 per hour until student meets SAP.

4. WCTM Day Classes – 700 hours – 120 days – at the completion of 60 days, 350 hours must be completed. This will be evidenced by hours completed listed on the progress report.

WCTM Night Classes – 700 Hours – 180 days – at the completion of 90 days , 350 hours must be completed. This will be evidenced by hours completed on the Progress Report.

5. The result of failure to maintain 70% average in any subject area will cause academic probation to occur. The student has the opportunity to retake any failed exam within 2 weeks of initial exam with the highest possible grade of 70%. If placed on academic probation the student will have the opportunity to remediate the failed subject area with an appropriately licensed instructor.

6. WCTM offers classes in which cohort groups begin and finish together. All classes are completed together. A withdrawal would only be from the program itself and no credit hours will be given in this case.

7. Any missed or failed test repeat must be taken within two weeks of the original test date or it becomes a zero score.

8. WCTM syllabus does not allow for course repetitions. Satisfactory progress must be maintained within the timeframe for that course.

9. WCTM does not offer non-credit courses.

10. Any appeal to a failed course should be in writing to the administration of WCTM. The appeal will be handled within two weeks of receipt. The result of the appeal will be documented in the students’ educational file. Appropriate instructors will be available within this timeframe to remediate the course to the satisfaction of the SAP.

11. 11. According to WCTM’s SAP students must complete program within one year of beginning the program, academic probation may not last longer than one year. If the student has not satisfactorily completed the remediated course within the one year timeframe failure will occur.

All policies listed below are created to produce an atmosphere of respect towards one another and the instructors at WCTM. WCTM will maintain an instructor to student ratio of 1 to 12.

Attendance and Sign-In Sheets

• If a student is late for a class 10 minutes or more, it shall constitute a tardy.
• Three tardies in a class shall constitute an absence.
• A sign-in sheet must be retained on file with other class records to include the student’s name, signature, date, class title, time in/time out, instructors signature and assistant’s signature (if applicable). No class credit shall be given for lost or missing sign-in sheets, or for failure of a student to sign in.
• The basic curriculum does not allow for interruption in classroom hours. A Saturday class may be necessary to make up for hours missed due to unforeseeable extreme circumstances such as severe weather when the school must be closed.
• Saturday classes will be needed to meet timeline for the State test. These classes will be 1 Saturday (6 hr.) a month for the final 5 months of program.
• If a student misses more than 10% of any class for any reason, the class must be repeated or remediated by an approved instructor at the student’s expense.
• Leave of absence necessity will be reviewed by administrator on a case by case basis.

Clock Hour
A clock hour is defined as comprising a period of sixty (60) minutes, with a minimum of fifty (50) minutes of instruction in the presence of an instructor.

Progress reports will be given to students periodically to inform students of averages in all subject areas. Students must maintain a grade average of 70% or better in all subjects or academic probation will result. A final exam will be administered in all courses of study. Upon completion of all requirements for graduation, the student will be awarded a diploma.

A score of 70% or higher is considered a passing grade. If a student fails or misses an exam, the student is permitted to retake the exam once within two weeks of the initial exam date. The highest score possible granted on a retake shall be 70. Retaking an exam must be coordinated with the appropriate instructor.

Dress Code
All students will be required to wear medical scrubs to class. Scrubs must be clean and neat at all times. Personal hygiene is of utmost importance in the massage therapy profession. Any inappropriate attire will result in dismissal from the current class and time missed must be addressed according to the attendance policy.

Allowed holidays will be posted on the school calendar; otherwise, time missed from classes must be addressed according to the attendance policy.

Food and Beverages in the Building
There will be no eating or drinking in the classrooms or labs with the exception of water.

WCTM maintains a lecture classroom of 400 square feet and a lab classroom of 844.56 square feet. In addition to the lab space, we have access to five additional massage rooms. A break room with microwave and refrigerator is provided for the students. Each student is responsible for properly disposing of any item brought into the building. No food or beverage is to remain in the facility overnight. The use of the break room is a privilege that may be revoked if abused. Each student is responsible for personal and facility sanitation.

City ordinance states that there is no smoking within 25 feet of any entrance of any public building. A receptacle will be placed in an appropriate smoking area near the student entrance. Please dispose of all cigarettes (no paper) in this receptacle.

Cell Phones
A receptacle will be provided for the deposit of all cell phones upon entering the building to be picked up during breaks and at the end of instructional session. Phones must be turned off or silenced prior to placing them in the receptacle. There will be NO cell phone use allowed in the classroom or lab without special permission. If an emergency or a sick child is involved, the student may, with the instructor’s prior knowledge and permission, monitor their phone.


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