Robert (Bob) Lence

Robert (Bob) Lence, NP AH, earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology from The Citadel, ADN in Nursing from Itawamba Community College, BSN in Nursing from Mississippi University for Women, and his Masters from University of Mississippi. He has been a Registered Nurse for eighteen years and works in Neurology, Cardiology, ICU/CCU, and ER. Bob teaches day and night class Anatomy & Physiology, and Kinesiology classes at Waldrip Center for Therapeutic Massage School and Clinic.

“I enjoy helping students comprehend that the body is an integrated whole that reacts in predictable ways. It is very rewarding to me as an instructor when the students reach the point where they stop memorizing for the test and start learning the body systems work together to maintain a state of good health.”

Bob encourages perspective students: “Although the material is complex and at times difficult, anyone with a desire to learn can be successful.”

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