Melanie J. Hannigan

Melanie J. Hannigan, LMT 525 MBLH, graduated from Massage Institute of Memphis in 1997. She has been a massage therapist for sixteen years. From 1997 to 2000, she practiced in Jonesboro, Arkansas alongside a chiropractor. In 2000, she began practicing in Amory, Mississippi. In 2008, Melanie began an internship under the supervision of Ms. Gloria Waldrip at the Waldrip Center of Therapeutic Massage in order to earn her instructor license. She has a full time practice at Waldrip Center and also teaches day and night classes at WCTM.

Melanie delights in passing on the knowledge she has acquired over sixteen years of practicing massage therapy. She finds joy in “seeing new therapists acquire what will set them on a career path that will last a lifetime.” She studied Myofascial Release under John F. Barns, and Advanced Myofascial Deep Tissue, Level 1 under Magnus Eklund. She also specializes in Comprehensive Management of Trigger Points. Melanie teaches Massage Theory & Practicum, Business, Hydrotherapy, and Mississippi Massage Law.

Melanie has been married to her husband Patrick for 21 years and has a teenage son.

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