Gloria Waldrip

Administrator Gloria Waldrip, LMT 005 MABLH, has worked as a massage therapist since 1995. She has been an educator of massage therapists since 1999 and is licensed to teach all classes at WCTM except for CPR & First Aid. Gloria served for eight years as a Member of the State Board of Massage Therapy (regulatory board), and twelve years as a member of the American Massage Therapy Association, six of which she served as Officer.

“I enjoy watching the moment a student ‘gets it’! Massage school has helped many students find their place in life. I am honored to have had a very small part in that!” Gloria has owned and operated Waldrip Center for Therapeutic Massage School and Clinic since 2008. WCTM is licensed by the Mississippi State Board of Massage Therapy, License # 0810.

“As long as students come into the program with an open mind and a willing heart, all the instructors have the knowledge and desire to help that student succeed.”

Gloria is a graduate of Saltillo High School, Saltillo, MS (1975) and a graduate of Inez Van Winkle School of Massage Therapy (1995) and has received many awards, including the Mississippi Chapter AMTA Meritorious Award (1999), a Commendation from the Governor of Mississippi, and a Commendation from Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) State Department of Health for massage work done during Hurricane Katrina Relief. Since 2002, she has over 100 hours of continuing education relating to massage therapy.

Gloria is a mother of three, and grandmother of four. She has a thriving massage therapy business along with owning and operating WCTM School and Clinic. Gloria’s love of massage therapy is directed towards helping others as much as possible. “To help someone have a higher quality of life is an awesome thing.”


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